10 Best Chrome Extensions to Audit Your Website SEO

10 Best Chrome Extensions to Audit Your Website SEO

Do you want to check your website’s SEO or look at your competitor’s SEO strategy? There are several tools available online to help you with these missions.

Each SEO tool is different, and there are many! Some of them are also available for free as Google Chrome extensions.

To make your life easier, OrixLab has selected the 10 best Free Google Chrome Extensions to audit website SEO!

1. SEOquake


SEOQuake is a nugget and one of the best chrome SEO extensions that give you a lot of information on a website. In record time, this chrome extension can get you the main metrics of a domain name and perform an in-depth analysis of the SEO strategy. You can know the traffic of a site, the most used keywords, the incoming requests, or the backlinks.

Using this Chrome extension, you can compare several websites. It is ideal for ranking yourself with your competitors! SEOQuake shows the site’s performance on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

2. Redirect Path

Redirect Path

Broken URLs hurt your SEO! To ensure you only have high-performance links on your site, install the Chrome Redirect Path extension. In a few seconds, it will detect dead links and those that have been redirected.

It is an essential chrome extension for companies or users that have recently migrated their websites.

3. WooRank

The WooRank Chrome extension is perfect for knowing, in one click, your site’s statistics or another. In addition to all the data related to traffic, you have information concerning mobile SEO, such as page loading speed on smartphones.

The keywords mainly used by the site are visible in a graphic word cloud. At a glance, you will know the site’s positioning in the search engines and obtain a list of its competitors.

To go even further, you can probe the security of the domain name, check the Whois, and find out the level of security and the typographies used. WooRank even gives you the option to get complete social statistics.

It is one of the best SEO tools to audit your web and SEO performance and that of your main competitors.

4. Majestic Backlink Analyzer


Majestic Backlink Analyzer

As the name suggests, the Majestic Backlink Analyzer Chrome extension allows you to audit the backlinks of the site of your choice. Very strategic in SEO terms, incoming links provide Google with important information to position you.

Additionally, studying competitors’ backlinks can help you learn about their SEO strategy and give you valuable data on their traffic acquisition strategy. This information then allows you to improve your website SEO.

5. Tag Assistant

Tag Assistant

The Chrome Tag Assistant plugin is aimed at professionals who use Google Adwords. Its objective is to help you check the tags implemented in your Adwords campaigns or your Analytics reports.

This tag manager ensures better monitoring of your actions, simplifies your SEO operations, and helps you save time in setting up your campaigns.

In short: it is another essential tool for eCommerce and businesses that rely on Adwords to boost their traffic.

6. Ubersuggest


The Ubersuggest Chrome extension is another best chrome extension that allows you to view lots of keyword data directly from search results. For example, you can see the following:

  • The search volume for a given keyword;
  • The cost per click (CPC) on the keyword;
  • Suggestions of what users also searched for, both on Google and YouTube and on Amazon.

Once you’ve installed the Ubersuggest keyword research tool, you must go to Google, YouTube, or Amazon and perform a search. Along with your search results, you will see all the data related to this search displayed using this chrome extension. You can export this data in CSV format too.

7. SimilarWeb


SimilarWeb is another popular free Chrome extension that lets you see traffic for a website, yours or a competitor’s, and get top metrics for the entire website. Using this chrome extension, you can find in particular:

  • Traffic details;
  • A ranking for that traffic;
  • A ranking of keywords;
  • The source of the traffic.

SimilarWeb extension allows you to get the data found on similarweb.com directly from your browser’s toolbar without going to their site.

8. MozBar


The MozBar chrome extension is an all-in-one tool that allows, like SEOquake, to obtain a lot of data on a website. Using the MozBaz extension, you can create custom searches by engine, country, region, or city.

This extension comes in handy when browsing the web and looking for potential competitors: it quickly shows you how you stack up against them.

9. META SEO Inspector

META SEO Inspector

By using Meta SEO Inspector, you can quickly see if your meta tags are set up correctly or not. These have a significant impact on the SEO of your site. With this chrome extension, you will have indications to best resolve the errors reported to you concerning your meta tags.

10. Minion SEO

Minion SEO

The SEO Minion extension allows you to work on your SEO every day. And that’s good! We know that SEO is a job to be done over time. For example, you must regularly check for broken links and replace them.

This SEO Minion chrome extension will allow you to perform this task and many more:

  • Take a look at the SEO of a page;
  • Check the “hreflang” tags;
  • Preview your website on a search engine page.

In short, you can work on your SEO daily and gradually use the SEO Minion extension.


With these 10 tools, you will get important information for your and your competitor’s website SEO. The data acquired will help you improve your SEO strategy, to consistently attract more qualified traffic by ranking well on the search engine.

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